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Current Music:Converge
Subject:Remembering Never cd released!! BHBS tour news.
Time:05:32 pm
Remembering Never's sophmore album 'Women and Children Die First' hits stores today! Remembering Never will be on the road extensively touring the US in support of the release. The US tour will be with Shattered Realm and On Broken Wings.

Blood Has Been Shed have lined up a tour with God Forbid and Walls of Jericho in support of the second full length 'Spirals' Feb 25th to March 5th. The dates are dominantly East Coat and touch into the midwest. go to the bands websites to find out the dates!!
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Current Music:Sinai Beach
Subject:News on new cds and more
Time:01:04 pm
Eighteen Visions are still in the studio in L.A. and have almost finished their new album, Obsessions, with producer Murdock who has also worked with Avenged Sevenfold.

Unearth singer Trevor Phipps has launched his own record label called Ironclad Recordings, www.ironcladrecordings.com. the labels first releases will be If Hope Dies' "The Ground Is Rushing Up To Meet Us" and Rise Over Run's "Reclaim And Conquer.

Martyr AD have recorded "On Earth As It Is In Hell" and it will be released on Victory Records with new singer Andy Hart of Holding On.

Rag Men, a group containing ex-members of Madball, Hatebreed and Freya have signed to eulogy Recordings.

Glassjaw guitarist Todd Weinstock has a side project called East Tiger.

Demon Hunter, which has ex-members of Training For Utopia, are currently recording "Summer Of Darkness" which will be released this spring.

Zao is sitll working on their next album currently called "Burn Beautiful" which will feature new singer Josh Ashworth. This band last broke up in 2002. former Zao singer Shawn Jonas has a new band called Symphony In Peril, which recently released "Lost Memoirs And Faded Pictures".

Misery Signlas, which features former members of the now disfunct 7 Angels 7 Plagues, has signed to Ferret Music and are recording their label debut with Strapping Young Lad's Devin Townsend.

ex-members of Bane have a new band called Only Crime.

Kid Gorgeous has now broken up.

former Thursday guitarist Bill Henderson has a new band called The Procedure. Thursday also has a 5 song live disc that is included in the March 2004 edition of Revolver magazine. there are also full pages advertising the new album from Remembering Never and some other amazing bands off Trustkill Records. Check it out!!
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Current Music:Hatebreed
Subject:Boys Night Out playing the Warped Tour
Time:10:31 pm
Boys Night Out confirms Warped Tour

Boys Night Out will be playing Warped Tour July 15 - 28th. They'll be appearing on the Smart Punk Stage. Go to www.warpedtour.com or www.smartpunk.com for details.
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Current Music:Eighteen Visions
Subject:OBW news, kick ass tour w/ ETID, Scarlet and As I Lay Dying
Time:05:16 pm
On Broken Wings lost their guitarist right when they were ready to leave for a tour. they have a replacement but still do not have a bassist.

there is one kick ass tour coming up for fans of Every Time I Die, As I Lay Dying, and Scarlet. Every Time I Die is headlining the east coast dates and As I Lay Dying is headlining the west coast dates. here are the dates :

3/23 Indianapolis IN @ Emerson Theater
3/24 Detroit MI @ Shelter at St. Andrews
3/25 Cleveland OH @ Peabody's Down Under
3/26 New York, NY @ The Continental
3/27 Toronto CAN @ Club Rockit
3/28 Montreal CAN @ Salle LX
3/30 Providence RI @ The Living Room
3/31 New York NY @ The Knitting Factory
4/1 Philadelphia PA @ First Unitarian Church
4/2 Baltimore MD @ Ottobar
4/3 Richmond VA @ Alley Katz
4/4 Charlotte NC @ The Casbah
4/5 Atlanta GA @ Echo Lounge
4/6 St. Petersburg FL @ State Theatre
4/7 Orlando FL @ The Social
4/19 Salt Lake City UT @ Albee Square

Tuesday, March 30
The Living Room
23 Rathbone Street.
Providence, RI
$10 Advance
$12 Day of Show
Doors 7 pm
Show 8 pm
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Current Music:Albert React
Subject:old Zao new (better late than never) + new FERRET videos!!
Time:10:13 pm
Solid State Records released the "best of Zao" album titled "Legendary" on December 11th, 2003.
Track Listing:
1. "new song"
2. "new song"
3. "new song"
4. skin like winter
5. 5 year winter
6. a fall farewell
7. suspend suspension
8. walk on by, walk on me (pianist prophecy)
9. ravage ritual
10. times of seperation
11. savannah
12. the race of standing still
13. free the three
14. angel without wings
15. ember
16. a ghost psalm
17. trash can hands

FERRET MUSIC has two new videos up on the site. Blood Has Been Shed's 'She Speaks To Me' and The Bronx's 'False Alarm'. Check em out a.s.a.p.
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Current Music:Calico System
Subject:unknown cd release
Time:12:41 am
Converge's next recording will be out in mid '04. keep checking back here if you are interested. there is no release date as of yet. there is also no title for the release.

** reminder that Remembering Never's "Women And Children Die First" comes out the 27th of this month. Scarlet's "Cult Classic" will be released march 9th.

shai hulud has a few more tour dates to see through then they are calling it quits after about 8 years of being a band. they will be touring with old vocalist Chad Gilbert of new found glory. yes i said new found glory, don't ask...
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Current Music:Zao
Time:03:55 pm
Boys Night Out have been scheduled to perform live on The Mike Bullard Show on January 26th. It's like Canada's version of Leno or Letterman. The show airs at Midnight.

Norma Jean has announced the departure of vocalist Brad Norris. Here's a statement from the group regarding the move:
"We have decided to announce the recent departure of our singer, and best friend...Brad, who will no longer be singing with our band. We would like to clarify that there is no hard feelings or bitterness between us. We love Brad very much. He is our brother. At this time, we all felt like it was the best thing we could do. both for the band, and for Brad and his family."
Former Eso-Charis member Cory Putman will be filling in on vocals for the band's upcoming UK tour.

The Judas Cradle have released a track for thier upcoming cd, "Too Bad They're All Dead", on Eulogy Recordings. The album should be out this month.

Massachusetts's Unearth continues to hone material for their Metal Blade Records debut. The group has been writing material with new drummer Mike Justain and according to the band, "Mike adds a new dynamic to our sound and there is no doubt his playing will only make the new songs even better and harder hitting." Unearth will begin pre-production at Ken Susi's studio in several weeks before entering Zing Studios with producer/engineer Adam Dutkiewicz on February 9th. In related news, the band will be filming for their upcoming DVD release (due out in May through Metal Blade) at the Downtown in Farmingdale, NY on January 25th.
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Current Music:Norma Jean
Subject:news on ETID, BNO, SCARLET, BHBS & FATA
Time:03:01 pm
Early 2004 will see a number of Ferret bands heading over the ocean to the UK and Europe. Boys Night Out will make their first trip out of North American the end of February. They'll head to the UK for a tour with From Autumn To Ashes. Their US tour with Senses Fail and The Beautiful Mistake will run directly into the UK tour.

Every Time I Die are making their second trip to the UK and their first run into the rest of Europe with Chimaira for the month of February supporting the re-issue of 'Hot Damn!' on Roadrunner Records / Ferret.

FERRET MUSIC have teamed up with Roadrunner Records to reissue Every Time I Die's latest record 'Hot Damn!' in the UK and throughout Europe. The reissue will include 2 live tracks from Hellfest 2003 and a cover of 'I Used To Love Her' by Guns and Roses.

Along with 'Hot Damn!', ferret will be reissuing a number of releases through Roadrunner in Europe and the UK. From Autumn To Ashes's debut 'Too Bad Youre Beautiful', Blood Has Been Shed's 'Spirals' (UK ONLY) and Boys Night Out's 'Make Yourself Sick' will be releasing in the coming months.

Scarlet's 'Cult Classic' will street via Ferret / Roadrunner in Europe and the UK March 8th, and the US / Canada March 9th.
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Current Music:Zao
Subject:BTBAM new guitarist!!
Time:07:05 pm
Between the Buried and Me have found a new guitarist in Andy Lewis, of The Manhattan Project. He will still be with his other bands, while playing with BTBAM. For more info keep checking betweentheburiedandme.com.
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Current Music:UnderOath
Time:09:55 pm
Scarlet's Cult Classic is finished and at the pressing plant. 16 tracks ranging from chaos to erie melodies encompass their monsterous debut full length. 'Cult Classic' is set to hit stores March 9, 2004. The tracklisting is as follows:

01. O.D.
02. Get Your Gun
03. The Joy Decoys Are Coming
04. Suicide Soundtrack
05. Life Support
06. Dead America
07. Sinning By Your Side
08. Nymphoteens
09. Human Pollen
10. Lie. Fake. Money-Make.
11. Florescent Sunshine
12. No One's Getting Out Alive
13. The Mannequin Campaign
14. My Black Hole Girl
15. Untitled
16. You're My Fix

** Scarlet will be heading out on a full US tour with As I Lay Dying, Every Time I Die and The Black Dahlia Murder this March and April
Last month Between The Buried And Me drummer Mark Castillo quit the band, "because we weren't 'fun' enough for him to stay in the band," accourding to the group. Castillo reportedly left the group to rejoin his former band, Bury Your Dead, full-time. In any case, BTBAM are now looking for a replacement.
As has been rumored for many weeks, Converge has officially signed with Epitaph Records. The group has previously released several albums with Equal Vision Records and are currently preparing their new full-length, "You Fail Me," which they hope to record in March and April. Here's what frontman Jacob Bannon says about the move:
“We are confident as artists and genuinely happy about the move. We are part of a diverse, quality roster with Epitaph, rich in both history and integrity. We've struggled for years looking for a supportive label to call home and after a decade we have found it.”

Look for Converge's Epitaph debut to hit stores in summer 2004
RELEASE DATES : quick update on upcoming cds to look forward to

January 2004
1/27 - Walls of Jericho - "All Hail The Dead" (Trustkill Records)
1/27 - Remembering Never - "Women And Children First" (Ferret Music)

February 2004
2/17 - Age Of Ruin - "Black Sands Of The Hourglass (reissue)" (Tribunal Records)

March 2004
3/9 - Scarlet - "Cult Classic" (Ferret Music)

April 2004
4/20 - Eighteen Visions - "Obsession" (Trustkill Records)
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[icon] Destro's Secret
View:Recent Entries.
View:Website (Music To Kill To ... Over And Over Again).
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