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Current Music:Albert React
Subject:fuck it
Time:11:17 pm
Current Mood:crazycrazy
its been a long day and im sick and tired of people. i made a new LJ. if u really wanna be added comment. im not adding anyone unless they really want to be added. im sick of wasting my time on stupidity. u all have been really cool and i hope ull all be commenting to get added as well as new people. talk to you all later!!

too all the friends ive made on LJ u guys kick ass! see ya!
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Current Music:Some Girls
Subject:u lose
Time:02:41 am
Current Mood:crazycrazy
one more update for EVERYONE to see. i deleted a bunch of people who didnt add me back to their friends list. whut do u think i am, fucking stupid? im obviously not going to let u read about my life and have people act like they "forgot" to add me back. there are a few people that i am getting fucking sick of. there is one person in particular that has called me a poser. HAHAHAHA i am NOT a fucking poser. u used to be a lil goth kid and magically cant remember back in the day when u were. fuck that, dont play dumb. its so lame. people need to fucking grow up. so once again ive ud like to be added leave a comment, if not then fuck off, simple as that. and i fucking hate LIARS. yea u know who u r. u got a nice set of balls talking shit behind peoples backs but when they get in ur face about it u fucking deny everything. u are sooooooooo pathetic. thats it for now. im done wasting time and energy on losers like *you*. bye!
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Current Music:Haste The Day
Subject:join my community!!
Time:02:10 am
Current Mood:crazycrazy

i made a community similar to my buddy Will's.  there is an application in the userinfo.  fill it out and post it all you bitches and ho'z.  its basically being used for shows, release dates, and all about music talk.  dont waste ur time applying if ur gunna be a cock face.  the minute u piss me off ur fucking out.  bye!!  tell all ur friends damnit!  everybody is more than welcome to join too by the way!  the community is called :   x_crime_scene_x


and now...back to being to being friends only!!!!

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Current Music:Between The Buried And Me
Subject:StrHess Clothing roXXX
Time:12:45 am
Current Mood:cheerfulcheerful
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Current Music:Zao - Five Year Winter
Subject:Friends only after this update!
Time:12:22 am
Current Mood:artisticartistic
i decided to toss the old LJ out and use this as my full time LJ. If you want to be added just IM me, leave a message or just put my name on your friends list. After this entry the journal will be friends only. Don't like it? Deal with it! Have a nice day.
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Current Music:Fear Before The March Of Flames
Subject:cd release dates
Time:09:57 am
Dead Poetic - New Medicines - 4/6/04
Fear Before The Flames - Odd How People Shake - 4/6/04
V/A - Progression Through Aggression - 4/20/04
The Red Chord - Fused Together re-issue - 5-11-04
Eighteen Visions - Obsession - 6/1/04
Twelve Tribes - The Rebirth Of Tragedy - 6/1/04
Misery Signals - Of Malice & The Magnum Heart- 6/1/04
Underoath - They're Only Chasing Safety- 6/15/04
Sinai Beach - - 11/16/04
On Broken Wings - - TBA
Converge - You Fail Me - TBA
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Current Music:Walls Of Jericho
Subject:WOJ news, Ferret Tour, Ozzfest
Time:11:39 pm
Walls Of Jericho vocalist Candace Kucsulain received a broken nose from an exuberant audience member while playing in Memphis last week. Candace was the unintended recipient of a spinning fist. The frontwoman, who was out in front of the monitors took the blow in stride and finished four more songs before the band ended their set. Candace suffered from her nose being knocked out of alignment, severe facial swelling and broken blood vessels around the eyes. Candace will get her nose realigned during a rare day off. On the same day, she will even appear for a photo shoot with band members for the cover of Modern Fix Magazine.

North Carolina's Between The Buried And Me has officially added former Evelynn drummer Jason Roe to their lineup, effectively replacing the recently departed Mark Castillo. Additionally, Shane Blay (ex-Evelynn) and bassist Kevin Falk (This Day In Age) have joined the group. Blay replaces Nick Fletcher while Falk replaces Jason King, who recently left the band to focus on school. BTBAM will begin touring full-time once again at the end of March.

Every Time I Die will be on this summer's OZZFEST. The Second Stage this year is a big hardcore/metal show. Bleeding Through are among the many great HardCore bands playing.
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Current Music:Fordirelifesake
Time:01:22 am
talk about a HUGE fuck up. that Scarlet tour WILL NOT be happening. some ass hole put up the dates from last years tour and said it was "in support of Scarlet's latest effer 'cult class' for 2004." sorry for any trouble this cause!

Underoath's new release will be available June 15 everywhere. the effort is titled "They're Only Chasing Safety" and will be including their new vocalist.

OverDrive Home will be playing a few shows coming up. here are the dates:

Feb 22nd - Wheaton College in Norton, MA, ALLABOUTrecords fest
Feb 27th - ALLABOUTrecords, Taunton, MA
March 5th - Polish Club, Bridgewater, MA
March 13th - VFW, Somerset, MA
March 14th - ALLABOUTrecords, Taunton, MA
March 27th - ALLABOUT records, Taunton, MA
June 4th - Knights of Columbus, Kingston, RI
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Current Music:Scarlet
Subject:amazing SCARLET TOUR, FFAF, ETID, AILD and more
Time:11:21 pm
Ferret Music have just made one of the best tours ever! an entire summer of non other than the almighty SCARLET! the new album 'Cult Classic' will be in stores on March 8th! Also playing with SCARLET is Evergreen Terrace, Remembering Never, & On Broken Wings.

here are the US dates that have been confirmed so far ::
Tuesday, June 24th@The Sterling Ruritan (Sterling, VA)
Wednesday, June 24thAmerican Legion Hall (Buena Vista, VA)
Thursday, June 26th@Redzone (Queens, NY)
Friday, June 27th@Club Outcry (Erie, PA) w/XdiscipleX.
Saturday, June 28th@The Chameleon Club (Lancaster, PA)
Sunday, June 29th@Club Krome (South Amboy, NJ)
Monday, June 20th@Hungarian Hole (Long Island, NY)
Tuesday, July 1st@El N Gee (New London, CT)
Wednesday, July 2nd@York Elk Lodge (York, ME)
Thursday, July 3rd@Fall River Pal (Fall River, MA) <<<<<<<<<<<<< i'll be there!!
Friday, July 4th@HELLFEST (Syracuse, NY)
Saturday, July 5th@HELLFEST (Syracuse, NY)
Sunday, July 6th@HELLFEST (Syracuse, NY)
Monday, July 7th@The Shelter (Cleveland, OH)
Tuesday, July 8th@TBA (Chicago, IL)
Wednesday, July 9th@El Torrean (Kansas City, MO)
Thursday, July 10th@The Ranchbowl (omaha, NE)
Friday, July 11th@Tulagi (Boulder, CO)
Saturday, July 12th@Albee Space (Salt Lake City, UT)
Sunday, July 13th@TBA (Las Vegas, NV)
Monday, July 14th@Jim Dandys (Salinas, CA)
Tuesday, July 15th@Showcase Theatre (Corona, CA)
Wednesday, July 16th@The Scene (San Diego, CA)
Thursday, July 17th@TBA (Mesa, AZ)
Friday, July 18th@Fat Cats (Houston, TX)
Saturday, July 19th@TBA (Dallas, TX)
Sunday, July 20th@TBA (Tulsa, OK)

Scarlet will also be touring throughout march with every time i die, as i lay dying and the black dahlia murder. all amazing bands. check the shows out if you can!!

Scarlet will also be featured in metal hammer magazine which will be available 2/17/04. check that out also.

some Providence RI shows to check out are ::
03/29 Funeral For A Friend w/ Coheed and Cambria, Rainer Maria, Brazil
03/30 Every Time I Die, As I Lay Dying, The Black Dahlia Murder, Scarlet
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Current Music:Fear Before The March Of Flames
Subject:Ferret Music news
Time:08:31 pm
Funeral For A Friend are on the cover of the current issue of Rock Sound, with a huge feature on them inside.

the video for The Bronx's 'False Alarm' has been added to FUSE's OVENFRESH. It will air starting Monday Feb 9th. go to the FUSE website to vote to see the video!!

the new issue of Alternative Press features Boys Night Out, Funeral For A Friend and Every Time I Die as well a feature on The Bronx. other bands like NORA and Armsbend back are also included.

Scarlet's 'Cult Classic' is up for preorder. Preorders will receive a free sticker or button with their cd on the Ferret Music webstore. Scarlet are gearing up to kick off their touring in support of 'Cult Classic' the end of Feb. They'll begin with a West Coast with A Static Lullaby. Following that they'll begin a US tour with EVERY TIME I DIE, AS I LAY DYING and THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER.
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[icon] Destro's Secret
View:Recent Entries.
View:Website (Music To Kill To ... Over And Over Again).
You're looking at the latest 10 entries.
Missed some entries? Then simply jump back 10 entries